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Facts about our work

Northgate Public Services touches everyone’s life. We power services that people rely on every day.

  • Our transformation programmes have saved over £200m for UK public service providers
  • Our customers collect 50% of the country’s council tax and pay 50% of housing benefit claims
  • We work with one third of social housing providers to give homes to over 3.6 million households
  • Our systems support 40% of social care assessments
  • Our Single Person Discount reviews have found local government an extra £32m
  • Our police systems record a crime every 30 seconds - one in five across the country
  • Our systems support 70% of 999 calls to the police
  • Our hearing screening system has supported tests for over 5 million newborn babies
  • We manage Hospital Episodes Statistics, the largest clinical database in the world
  • And we manage the National Joint Registry, the largest of its kind in the world

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