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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Northgate Public Services we are committed to running our business in a responsible manner.

We want to maximise the positive impact our business can have on society, and minimise the impact of our activities on the environment. Through our work with our clients, and through the direct involvement of our staff, we are contributing to the development of safer and healthier communities across the country. We support effective organisations that deliver progressive public and voluntary services and are helping break down inequalities and to reach out to those most disadvantaged in our communities.

Northgate’s group-wide ActNow Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme seeks to embed sustainable practice into our day-to-day activities through proactive communications and initiatives designed to support our CSR strategy. It is based on the principle that each one of us can do something now, however small, to help deliver value and build sustainable and healthy communities.

ActNow focuses on six key areas of work:

  • providing sustainable services for customers;
  • promoting sustainable procurement;
  • responding to climate change and improving environmental performance;
  • promoting diversity within the workplace;
  • engaging with employees and customers; and
  • supporting local communities.

For further details on Northgate’s CSR programme and performance please see our latest Annual Report on our Group website.



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